Couples & Engagement

Im so excited when I get the opportunity to capture a love story. I want to bring out your true selves by going to your favorite date spots or doing your favorite activities together. The whole session will be full of giggles, silly activities as well as capturing the passion you have for one another. 


What to expect! 

After booking your couple or engagement session, with me, I will send you a questionnaire. After answering these questions it will help me see who you are as a couple! 


Together we will design a personalized session completely catered  to what you wish for. Everything down to the location, activities, props, outfits, even the time of year!

Throughout the session, I will help navigate with prompts and activities to tell your unique love story! Feel free to express yourselves and lets have fun with it! This is a special day for the two of you celebrating your love for each other. We will move into more soft romantic moments, you guys will be getting close and cozy with each other. I encourage you to really take in these moments. This is a special day for you, celebrating your love for each other. 

Bring your smiles and positive energy and we will have a great session together!

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